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We Save Battery Lives!

When consumers are at a mall, an event or festival there is often no place for them to quickly, efficiently and safely charge their mobile phone. Therefore our main aim as Recharge Africa is to fill that gap. We place Mobile recharge units within key points to ensure that consumers are never left with an empty mobile battery.

Our Services


We manufacture each unit ordered

Seamless Design

Our units are simple yet elegant

Easy To Customize

Each unit is custom made to fit different spaces

What do we provide?

  • -We provide fast, reliable and safe Mobile Recharge units for public use
  • -The payment is cashless to ensure safety as well as simpler logistics
  • -The Mobile Recharge Unit can have an advertising screen to ensure advertising sales (run remotely)

We are the leaders is providing Mobile Charging Solutions with the public in mind.
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Unit Features


We provide units that can be moved around or permanently stationed

Mutiple Devices

Compartments in each unit provide multiple charger cables


Our units are made of strong materials such as mild steel and aluminium


Mobile units are easy to carry, increasing mobility


Each unit has a minimum of 8 charging compartments

Continuous Support

Maintenance, upgrades & repairs for 12 months

Meet our products

  • Lease or Sell
  • Solid Door Recharge Unit (with 10 charging cables)
  • Individual Door Recharge Unit (with 10 charging cables)

  • Standalone
  • Wireless charging pad
  • 3-in-1 charging cable
  • Customizable Advertisement

  • 8 charging compartments (fast cables)
  • 13-inch advertising screen (remote management)
  • Card/Tap payment options
  • Digital locking System

  • 8 charging compartments (fast cables)
  • 10-inch advertising screen (remote management)
  • Card/Tap payment options
  • Digital locking System

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